A good idea can make all the difference

Drive improvements of healthcare by crowdsourcing ideas

Better healthcare matters

We care deeply about those fighting disease having the best possible conditions to survive and live a life free from suffering. To improve healthcare there needs to be efficient ways for how to drive improvements. We believe that the key to successful improvements in healthcare is empowering the patients and healthcare staff to drive the change. We believe that the most important information for the improvement efforts of healthcare is ideas about how to do it. Brainhubs ambition is to be the best craftsmen of digital tools that crowdsource ideas, empower stakeholders and simplify modern management.

A complete idea management solution crafted for you

Every organization is different and have different conditions for succesfully working with its stakeholders ideas. We know that successful idea management drives improvements of healthcare, but it is a complex area and in order to capture the potential a generic one-fits-all solution is not enough. Brainhubs carefully crafts a solution suited for your organizational needs and current conditions to work with idea management, as the engine gets running we help you to improve your internal system to accelerate the improvement efforts further.

CrowdSourcing Application

An intelligent tool that crowdsource ideas

For patients and staff

To engage patients and staff in the improvement efforts you have to make it easy for them to participate. When we build a platform for your organization we make the best use of the opportunities modern technology has to offer. On your platform stakeholders can participate and share their ideas anywhere, anytime. The platform becomes the designated place where patients and staff can share those ideas that can create value for your organization.

For managers

Your tool will make it easier to run your organization in line with modern management practices. Your tool makes it easy to engage the stakeholders in the improvement efforts and gather and manage information about how to improve different parts of the healthcare you provide. It continously crowdsource ideas for the relevant areas and also enable managers to initiate crowdsourcing campaigns when they want to drive improvement efforts within specific areas.

An effective model for how to drive improvements through stakeholders ideas

In order to succesfully drive improvements through patients and staffs ideas only a tool is not enough, you also need to have the right processes in place and align the use of the tool with how you work with improvements and manage your organization. Brainhubs help you set up a model for how to work with ideas that is aligned with how you manage and get the processes for how to deal with ideas running smoothly. We are your ally and provide all the help you need in order to succesfully drive improvements by engaging the patients and staff in the process.